Godzilla vs. Reptilicus

Now Godzilla he’s the friend of children.
Didn’t start out that way at first
he was a walking rage of nuclear fire
and goggle eyed rubber anger
eating trains and nail factories
and flossing his teeth with high tension
electric wires until a celibate scientist
dissolved him with an oxygen gadget.

Later that all changed for some reason.
Not only did he come back from the dead
an easy feat for a radioactive lizard
but he found some friends who were fairies
that lived in a little kabuki box
and a few little fat kids who cheered him on
as if he was an extra-large outfielder
for the Hiroshima Toyo Carp.

Reptilicus is another matter not very
sophisticated that one though
he made his bones in Denmark
gobbling up sheep farmers and brewers
and throwing up nasty green acid
on the NATO tanks and artillery
while the generals scowled and kept shooting
because that’s all they knew how to do.

No, Godzilla would make mincemeat
of that European pretender to the throne
of Most Awesome Kaiju of All Time.
Not only does the big guy
heave atomic fire from his mouth
but Reptilicus is just a hopeless puppet
while inside Godzilla’s pimpled rubber suit
is the hot ass soul of a human being.

Notes on the text:

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