No Earned Runs

Second deck, third row
the view down the right field line
like perspective in a renaissance painting.

During batting practice the sun moves
across the field leisurely
then falls behind us as the blue bay
and the cobalt sky merge
into violet twilight.

Fifth inning. The freighters
floating on the water turn on their lights.
The gentle home crowd murmurs
then shouts as the tenth strikeout is recorded.

Eighth inning. Still a no hitter
the fact has slipped by unnoticed
veiled by the sharp rap of wood
the succession of strikeouts
grounders and long
lazy fly balls.

Pesky slap hitter singles up the middle.
An honest hit.
Pitcher takes a bow at the end of the inning.

Three outs, the home team wins.
The sky has blossomed to darkness
the stretch, the finish
the evening engaged.

On June 19. 2006 San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain threw an almost-no-hitter into the eighth inning at AT&T Park against the Los Angeles Angels. I was there that night. Full story here.

Oracle Park – July 24, 2021 – Photo by Richard Gylgayton

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